About Us

About Us

CUPE 5089 has been a registered CUPE Union since 2010. CUPE 5089 represents 38 Special Constables and 64 Fare Inspectors employed by the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) under the Transit Enforcement Unit.

"Being the Union President for CUPE 5089 means that I am able to represent my fellow co-workers and help create a balance where the employees get to have their interests realized. Having a strong, responsible Union means that we are equal partners in our own employment. I am extremely proud of our Membership and our local."

James Bingham
Cupe 5089 President

Our Mission

CUPE 5089 is committed to helping make the TTC a transit system that makes Toronto proud. We’re responsible for protecting the integrity of the transit system, ensuring the system remains safe and reliable and keeping customers safe as they travel across the network.

Who We Are

TTC Special Constables
At the request of the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) and with the approval of the Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services, the Toronto Police Services Board (the Board) has designated Transit Enforcement members responsible for law enforcement and security as Special Constables.

TTC Fare Inspectors
At the request of the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) and with the approval of the Toronto Transit Commission Board the (TTC) has designated Transit Fare Inspectors Provincial Offences Officers members responsible for Fare Inspection and by law enforcement of the (TTC).

TTC Special Constable:

TTC Special Constables are sworn Peace Officers appointed by the Toronto Police Services Board. Special Constables have been conferred with the same authority as a Police Officer to enforce various Federal and Provincial statutes where an offence occurs on any TTC vehicle or property.

TTC Fare Inspector:

Maintaining the integrity of the fare system, and providing excellent customer service by enforcing TTC by-laws pertaining to fare inspections and other issues in a consistent, non-discriminatory manner.

Conducting inspection of passenger fares on proof-of-payment transit lines Enforcing TTC By-Law No.1 and select provincial and federal statutes as encountered, in accordance with the Department’s code of conduct, code of ethics, core values and mission statement.

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