TTC Special Constables

A career as a TTC Special Constable is primarily about working with people. The job of a TTC Special Constable is to serve our customers and our employees by ensuring their safety through order maintenance, crime prevention, enforcement and inspection. Working as a TTC Special Constable will require you to build and maintain relationships with the community and show sensitivity to the needs and concerns of people from all cultures and backgrounds.


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TTC Fare Inspectors

Transit Fare Inspectors enforce the POP fare system and the TTC By-law #1. Fare Inspectors are designated Provincial Offences Officer. They conduct random checks to ensure that customers have proof of payment on all POP routes. At any point in your streetcar journey, you may be asked to show Proof-of-Payment. You may be asked:

• At a subway station
• On a vehicle
• As you exit a vehicle

Maintaining the integrity of the fare system, and providing excellent customer service by enforcing the TTC by-laws pertaining to the fare structure in a consistent, non-discriminatory manner.  Conducting inspections of passenger fares on all proof-of-payment transit lines,  Enforcing TTC By-Law No.1 in accordance with the Department’s code of conduct, code of ethics, core values and mission statement.


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TTC Protective Services Guards