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18 Sep

Special Constables in Ontario -Blue Line Magazine Article

In 1831, the British Parliament passed “An act for amending the laws relative to the appointment of Special Constables, and for the better preservation of the Police.” This act created the basis for appointing special constables within our British system of government and allowed for their appointment during times of unrest, if the regular police force was too small in a particular area or required more assistance.

In Ontario, most special constable agencies were not created until the early 1900’s. The first campus constable: J.P. Christie, began work for the University of Toronto in 1904. In 1967 the special constables of the University of Guelph Campus Police were started, followed in 1988 the Government of Ontario (GO) Transit/Metrolinks Transit Special Constables, and in 2000 the Toronto Community Housing Corporation (TCHC) special constables.