Organ Donation Awareness

30 Nov

Organ Donation Awareness

On May 8th 2016(mothers day) on the Coquihalla highway in British Columbia the wife of Police Constable Ray Athwal had a major heart attack in in front of her two children (11 and 13 years old). The months following have been life changing for the Athwal family. Vinday was just 43 years old when this occured. Ray Athwal is a close personal friend of mine and a man I consider a brother.

On November 7th 2016 I found out that his loving wife Vinday was in desperate need of a heart transplant. She was placed on the transplant wait list in British Columbia. After hearing Ray’s heart wrentching news It’s hard was hard to admit that I was not a donor, I imagined being in his shoes knowing that 9 our 10 people in British Columbia are in favour of organ donation but only 2 out of 10 are actually registered. I can assume the numbers a very similar here in Ontario.That same day I attended Service Ontario and became a donor. We all know how fragile life is and we all know how painful loosing someone is. The gift of life is absolutely the right thing to do and one of the most precious and selfless acts we could do for someone.

In Ontario; donor registeration used to be attached to our Drivers Licenses, this has since changed without notice. The donor registration is now attached to our Health Cards and if you were previously registered as a donor via your Driver license you ARE NO LONGER a registered donor.

Ray is a member of the Delta Police Department in British Columbia and this personal experience has prompted him to raise awareness for organ donation in BC. Please have a look at the attached poster that is being distributed throughout the Delta Police Department and British Columbia. I promised Ray I’d do the same here in Ontario, so please consider registering and giving the ultimate gift. The gift of life.You can easily register to be an organ donor by attending your local Service Ontario office or via

Thank you and please feel free to share this email and post with family, friends, coworkers and aquaintances.